Why—and How—to Avoid Alcohol While Pregnant

Most of us are aware, by now, that drinking alcohol while carrying a child can be deeply harmful—even deadly. What some of us are unclear on is why that’s the case. What impact can alcohol consumption have on your baby—and what strategies can you take to abstain from drink over the nine months of your pregnancy? Why Drinking While Pregnant is Dangerous The simple fact is that when you drink while pregnant, your baby drinks too. The alcohol you consume travels through the placenta, reaching Read more [...]

A List of Lesser-Known Characteristics Every Caregiver for the Elderly should Possess

Looking for the ideal caregiver is not an easy task, but you may already have a good idea of what characteristics to look for, depending on the age and physical, mental, and emotional condition of your loved one. But whilst there are some standard traits and characteristics to look for, such as patience, reliability, and compassion, there may be other characteristics you may be overlooking as well. Some of these lesser-known characteristics can help ‘seal the deal,’ so it would be in your best Read more [...]

Advantages of Root Canal Treatment:

Root canal therapy refers to a treatment in which damaged or infected tooth pulp is replaced with a filling by the doctor. Toothache has the ability to give you an experience of sleepless nights. As, a matter of fact an aching tooth can actually make your life miserable. In order to get out of this problem or save a badly broken down teeth there is no other better option than going for the root canal treatment. This treatment is mainly focused on the pulp cavity of the tooth. The causes of the Read more [...]