Steps you need to take while filing a medical malpractice lawsuit

During an injury and any type of health issue, the first thing we think about is consulting a doctor or medical professional such as a nurse. But, if the doctor, in spite of providing treatment to our injury himself, becomes the reason of injury, then that gives rise to the case of medical negligence. Cases of medical negligence are increasing all the time and are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Reasons behind such cases are that doctors are not performing their duty according Read more [...]

Zostavax Lawsuits – Legal Cases Filed Due To Development Of Shingles

Zostavax Lawsuits refer to the legal claims filed against Merck & Co Inc. Pharmaceuticals by the consumers across the US. In these legal claims, consumers have alleged that the drug ‘Zostavax’ is manufactured defectively. Moreover, Merck allegedly didn’t even warn consumers about all the potential & dangerous side effects of it. The complainants are even demanding compensation because of side effects, such as: Shingles Eye-Sight Loss Hearing Loss Paralysis Critical Read more [...]