4 Household materials which may cause cancer – Staying aware and avoiding the

As per a new report released by the US Department of Health and Human Services, it is being said that there are too many building materials which have been recently added to the list of materials which may cause cancer. Majority of the common men dwell under the assumption that their place is safe enough from all sorts of lurking dangers but little do they get to know that there are various household products which include some deadly chemicals that stand the risk of causing cancer, birth defects, harm during reproduction and other sorts of damage to your health. Are you scared after knowing how unsafe you are in your own home? Well, while you need not fret about it, you may definitely be aware of the few things so that you can steer clear from including them in your home. Check out the list below.

#1: Air fresheners

In most American households, air fresheners form a staple item but the homeowners are yet to know that the traditional air fresheners are a depot of poisonous substances which could cause damage to your brain, make you or your loved ones infertile or even make you chronic illnesses. The NRDC or the Natural Resources Defense Council conducted various tests which found that air fresheners have phthalates which can interfere with the production of hormones among males. Air fresheners are even lauded with volatile organic things which may even cause the fatal disease, cancer.

#2: Scented candles

Just as air fresheners, there are various scented candles which are used by interior decorators to decorate their living rooms but these too are toxic. A research done by CPSC or US Consumer Product Safety Commission, it was revealed that majority of the scented candles contain wicks which are wired with lead which when burnt, releases into the air. Though it is said that the lead can make the wicks strong and sturdy but it can also lead to disruption in hormones, some other health problems and other behavioral disorders.

#3: Antiperspirant deodorants

Millions of Americans use deodorants daily to cover up their body odor and reduce perspiration in their armpits. But if you want to avert chemicals like aluminium chlorohydrate, you should avoid such antiperspirant deodorants. If this is absorbed into the skin directly, it may cause breast cancer and you should also avoid them as the materials cause lung cancer too. Parabens within the deodorants can use damage to your gastro intestine, cause nausea and also lead to depression in your nervous system.

#4: Asbestos

Asbestos is used in most homes during building but did you know that the 2 types of asbestos, chrysotile and amphibole can lead to cancer. Asbestos leads to a sort of cancer called mesothelioma which is often considered as non-curable. Hence, before you construct your home and think of using asbestos, make sure you steer clear from this building material.

So, when it comes to designing your own home, you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned to make it safe in all aspects. Avoid using the above mentioned materials and items to stay safe and healthy throughout your life.

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