5 Great Fitness Gadgets 2016

We all love gadgets, and for those looking to improve their physique, owning the most beneficial technology is certainly a bonus. However, with such a huge variation available, it can be difficult to select the best products; with this in mind, here are ten brilliant gadgets from 2016 so far online:

1. The Fitbit Blaze

Designed for tracking, this smart watch combines fitness monitoring with practicality. Naturally, this device includes FitBit’s classic heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking features, but also allows you to monitor calls, texts and alerts without needing to access your phone. The colour touchscreen also includes inspiration for fitness routines and music control. Own this workout gem for $230.95 from FitBit. Or check out Discount Supplements Discount Code for special offers.


2. The Hexoskin Shirt

Released in April, this isn’t just any old shirt, for this genius invention allows you to monitor vital fitness data, such as: heart rate, breathing rate, activity level, VO2 Max, acceleration and even calories. Described as the “world’s first biometric shirt”; this clothing revolution can also synchronise with apps like MyMapRun and FitnessKeeper. Unfortunately, you are unable to just purchase the shirt, as you need the hardware pack that includes the battery pack and a USB cable. This item can be purchased from Hexoskin for $169.00 (the shirt only) and for $399.00 (the full kit).


3. The Skulpt Chisel

Advertised as a personal smart fitness trainer, this clever piece of equipment allows you to monitor both body fat and muscle percentages using Electrical Impedance Myograph (EIM) scanning. It also gives you a detailed breakdown of all 24 muscles and how they are performing in terms of quality. Purchase this item today from SkulptMe for $99.00



4. The DietSensor SCiO Scanner

Say goodbye to food labels, for the DietSensor SCiO Scanner accurately scans and analyses the content of homogeneous foods, (e.g. an apple as it couldn’t scan through a layered sandwich) and beverages; allowing you to carefully measure the chemical make of your food via the corresponding mobile app. This held-hand food checker also provides an innovative progression chart covering carbs, fat, protein and even alcohol levels. For those eating non-homogeneous items, you can use its ever-expanding 600,000 barcode glossary to find the nutritional levels in popular shop bought items. Sadly, this piece of kit isn’t officially released until September 2016, but it can be pre-ordered for $249.00. The DietSensor app will be sold for between $10.00 – $20.00 a month.



5. KuaiWear Coaching Headphones

Now you may be thinking “these are just headphones”? but actually, this fantastic headset acts as your own portable personal trainer. Using a biometric sensor, the coach provides you with vocal feedback on your performance and also helps you correctly adjust your pace and stride based on the information it registers. With the corresponding app and Bluetooth connectivity, the device is also waterproof up to three meters and has a seven hour battery life. Own this item for $149.00– an early bird special price that has already had 326/500 claimed.



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