5 Popular Diet Foods and Their Hidden Sugar Content

In a 2013 study done by the Health and Social Care Information Centre, it was found that 26% of men and 24% of women in the UK had been diagnosed with obesity. Moreover, an additional 41% of men and 33% of women in the UK were over-weight. Leaving only 31% of men and 41% of women having a BMI in sitting in the normal range.

For UK nationals this is a shocking statistic, with 69% of men and 59% of women in an unhealthy weight bracket. The same study found that fewer men consumed their five portions of veg or fruit a day, 25% and 28% respectively.

A large part of this increase in the overall weight of the British society can be attributed to over eating as well as ignorance on what foods are actually good for you and what is not. Many of the ‘diet’ foods that most people turn to try and lose weight contain an extremely high sugar content, sometimes as much as a whole cake.

Here are 5 popular ‘diet’ foods with an extremely high sugar content found on the average dieter’s plate.

Low Fat Plain Yoghurt


Low Fat yoghurt is the typical diet fare that anyone wanting to lose weight turns too for their breakfast meals. However, a typical serving size, one fifth of the pot, contains 6.9 grams of sugar. This equates to 1.7 teaspoons of sugar in one serving. The tub, in total, contains roughly the same sugar count as a medium sized cupcake. This certainly does not make for an ideal start to your day. What is more, this tub of yoghurt is of the plain variety. Its flavoured counterparts such as the Low Fat Strawberry yoghurt contains as much as 17.9 grams of sugar per serving size. Making up 20% of the yoghurt and 4.5 teaspoons of sugar – more than a medium slice of Banoffee Pie.

Vegetable Super Smoothie


Yes you saw that correctly, an Innocent Super Smoothie contains the same sugar content as a medium sized sponge cake. While it is true that most of the sugars found in an Innocent Smoothie is those that are found naturally in the fruit and sugar added into the smoothie that does not deny the sheer volume of fructose it does contain. One 360ml bottle smoothie contains 39g of sugar, roughly 7.8 teaspoons of sugar. This equates to 8 medium slices of sponge cake and more than the sugar count in a can of Red Bull.

Health Bar

Although this bar is all natural and packed with nuts and other healthier food choices, its sugar content takes it out of the diet category and into the treat one. The average 45gram bar contains no less than 18.3 grams of sugar, roughly 4.6 teaspoons of sugar. This equates to 4 small Tesco Chocolate Chip cookies.

Light Salad Dressing


Per 100ml serving, the Pizza Express Light Salad dressing contains roughly 1.5 teaspoons of sugar. In total, the whole bottle is equivalent to three scoops of ice-cream. Now we don’t know about you but we would rather be pouring ice-cream all over our salads! It should be noted that ice-cream does have a much higher fat content and so it is the same value in calories. Light salad dressing almost always accompanies a salad and sometimes is the only thing that makes it taste good. Maybe next time you should rethink dressing your salad, no matter how naked it looks.

Free From Pasta Sauce


As little as a third of a jar of Free From Bolognese Sauce provides a sugar count of 13.9, roughly 3.5 teaspoons of sugar. The whole jar is equivalent to three jam donuts worth of sugar, despite its healthy connotations. This is besides the pasta and extra fillings that you decide to add to the sauce, leaving you with a meal very high in calories.

What Happens When You Eat Sugar


The Human body has not been designed to live off of the amount of sugar that we consume on a daily basis. Not all forms of calories are equal and sugar is definitely on the bad side of the fence. Eating sugar on a constant basis can make you feel tired, sluggish and put on extra weight. However, this is something that almost everyone is aware of. An excess of sugar can lead to fatty deposits on your liver, cause weak blood vessels due to the constant pumping of thick sugary blood, makes you age faster and cause your skin to break out. The human body struggles to digest sugar on the scale that we consume it and as illustrated, even diet foods can contain much more sugar than you anticipate.

So What Can You Eat?

Many people reading this will think that they may as well eat those sugary biscuits or spongey cakes, but let us stop you there. Although it is tempting, especially considering their similar sugar content to traditional unhealthy snack food, the healthier options can still be lower in calories, fats and higher in vitamins. The trick is to read the labels of your diet food and to know what to look out for. Not all diet food is created equal, some can be just as bad as food without the diet label.

For those who are looking to lose weight this summer, keep your main meals consisting of mainly vegetables and lean meats. Cut out the snacks and replace them with fruit or other healthy snacks such as roasted chickpeas or hummus and carrot sticks. What is more every diet needs to be accompanied by exercise for a balanced lifestyle and longer lasting results.

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