Detoxifying The Body With Foot Detox Patches!

Maintaining proper hygiene has become extremely difficult in today’s fast paced environment where people have very busy schedules and pollution levels are rising on a daily basis. People can clean their bodies with the aid of a variety of products that are available in the market. However, the problem with these products is that most of them have false claims. In such a situation, foot patch can be tried out by people. These patches perform the process of detoxification via which toxins and chemicals in the body are expurgated. People can easily cleanse their bodies with these detoxification patches applied on the foot. They are the new rage in the health industry.


As the name indicates, these patches have to be applied on the sole. A detoxification patch has to be applied in a way that the sticky side faces the skin. They are self-sticking so using them is quite easy. These patches comprise of a variety of minerals and herbs that possess the extracting potential needed for getting rid of the toxins. One of the most crucial ingredients of a foot detox patch is bamboo vinegar. It enables the body to use its skin pores for excretion of waste products from the body. Vegetable fiber, tourmaline, wood vinegar, dextrin and chitosan are some other minerals that boost the detoxification process.

Ideally, these patches should be left on the feet overnight and removed in the morning. The patches are a dark brown shade when they are removed from the feet. This is proof that the patches are detoxifying the body as this color is left by the chemicals extracted. Some of this brown stain can also be due to bamboo vinegar and the skin’s natural interaction with sweat. This means that content of the foot patch itself may give rise to the brown stain because bamboo vinegar turns brown when it contacts water.

With each passing day, the stains on the foot patches become lighter because the toxins are being gradually removed from the body. The companies that make foot patches claim that metal toxins can be removed with these patches, but science doesn’t support this assumption. It is believed by most people that the techniques of reflexology are applied by a foot detox patch. This concept states that pressure points on the foot are used by these detoxification patches for treating and healing particular organs of the body.

The pressure points in the body are affected when people apply a foot patch to their feet and they can have an impact on the organs they are connected to. Moreover, it is said that eventually all the toxins that are found in the body end up accumulating in the feet. Hence, in order to remain healthy and cleanse the body off all the dangerous toxins, people are making use of these patches more and more. Apart from that, people can find these patches in a variety of shops and using them is quite easy. One can easily stay healthy with the use of these patches regularly.

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