Guide to Non Invasive Body Shaping Treatment Procedures

Body shaping treatment can remove the extra fat in your body so that you can have a great body contour. If you are an obese and looking for a safe method to get rid of the fat, it is recommended that you go for Syneron non invasive body shaping treatment. Syneron offers two types of body shaping treatment techniques including Velashape and Ultrashape. Both Velashape and Ultrashape has been cleared by the FDA.

Velashape is equipped with two types of lasers including infrared rays and bipolar radio frequency for elimination of the fatty tissues. The infrared rays can destroy up to 5mm of fatty tissues while bipolar radio frequency is capable of destroying fat in between 2mm – 20mm. It uses a massage rollers that is equipped with vacuum technology to ensures that the heat is evenly spread on the fatty tissues. During the treatment, you will notice that the treated area is being slimmed down as the released heats from the device increase the metabolism of the body to burn the fat.

The heat is not very hot and it is just at the right temperature so you won’t feel any pain during the body shaping treatment. With Velashape, you can expect to see a reduction of fat of in between 1.27 cm to 7.62 cm. You will find that your skin becomes smoother and much lesser visible appearance of cellulite fat in the body after treatment. It takes about 6 – 8 weeks to see visible result in the after the treatment. Velashape is suitable for patients who suffer from cellulite obesity problem. It is also ideal for patients who are interested in body tightening and contouring treatments.

UltraShape uses a mild ultrasound to create a gentle vibration on the fatty tissues. The fatty tissues will slowly melted and become liquefied as it gets vibrated. No damage will happen to the surrounding tissues and anesthesia is not administered during the treatment session. The side effects experienced by the patient is minimal and not serious. You will quickly recover since it only treat specific regions of the body. UltraShape is only able to melt a small region of fat every time so you will have to undergo a number of treatment sessions to achieve the intended result.

The entire session will last for a period of 30 minutes to 1 hour. You must undergo at least 2 treatment sessions before you will see a significant improvement. There is no irregularity on the skin following the treatment and you will quickly recover. The most important thing is that the fat loss is permanent and you can maintain in the body shape as long as you cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

UltraShape can be used for treating different areas of the body including arm, hip, thigh, and knee. UltraShape is also suitable for removing cellulite fat in the chest area of a male. It is a mini treatment and has an affordable cost. UltraShape has been featured in 7 weight loss books and many doctors have recommended it as a safe technique for eliminating fat.

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