How To Get Defined Abs

You’re putting in all the effort at the gym, you’re drinking all the right sports drinks, and quite frankly if you have to eat boiled rice and chicken one more time, you’ll never do another crunch. The quest for perfect defined abs seems to be one that eludes many men. Whether you’re looking just to put the finishing touches on your abs, or if you’re looking to step up your routine, you don’t need to look any further than here.

What’s going wrong?

It could be a matter of just selecting the wrong exercises. You could be using ab exercises that just target the upper or lower abdominal area, and this won’t bring you the defined abs you are after. This could be due to many reasons, some of which are discussed here.

Think about other areas

If your upper abs are strong,then it’s likely you’re pulling from them all the time and not giving your lower abs the time and love they need, so for every upper ab crunch you do, try a lower ab crunch to equal out the attention. Hanging leg raises will also help target your lower abs and reverse crunches are fantastic for targeting your upper abs if your lower abs are very strong.

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Quality should trump quantity every time

Doing hundreds of half done sit ups will only give you a sore back and no results. If you take your time and really focus on contracting your muscles for each sit up and do it slowly, that will have the impact of doing 50 sit ups in 25. Try doing crunches on your weakest area first, and aim on improving the quality of each set of crunches and try not to worry about doing a number, it’s not the army you’re training for, the only person counting if you. Go here to find some good exercises to shift that excess fat.

It’s not just doing work in the gym that matters

When you’re sitting down at your desk, or when you’re walking somewhere, you can work on your abs at any time of the day, even when you first wake up, every little contraction you make will give itself to better looking abs in the long run. Hold your midsection in tightly, this will give your core muscles that extra boost to shine through.

Watch your waistline, not literally though

Posing in front of the mirror is one of the perks of having well defined abs but all of the exercise you do won’t put a dent in your fat stores if all you eat is calorie rich foods. Many people are prone to storing fat around their lower abdomen, so this will hide your hard work. To burn away this excess fat you can adopt a bodybuilder nutrition plan. Refer to your GP for advice before starting a drastic change in diet. A good way is to up your proteins but keep your calorie count low enough for you to still build muscle.

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