How To Looking For Lower Cost Prescriptions

Canadian medications are a big seller for those looking for lower cost prescriptions in North America and abroad. However, many customers are unsure of the reputations of some of the websites advertising the drugs. This is why should be your source for both prescription and over the counter Canadian Drugs.


The website shows its validation on the main page with its membership recognitions from and the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia. In addition, Canadian Pharmacy Meds is shown as a Certified Canadian International Pharmacy. Further proof of its validity is presented in its operating statement where it succinctly states the site doesn’t fill medications without a doctor’s valid prescription.

Ordering medicine at is a simple process. A customer finds their medication by entering its name in the search field, selects it, and then adds it to the virtual shopping cart for a secure checkout. Customers can also scroll down to the bottom of the page for a list of the most popular prescription and over the counter medicines for a quicker checkout. Those uncomfortable with online purchases can download an order form.

Contacting representatives at is a simple process thanks to toll-free voice and fax lines. Always looking to improve their performance, the website provides customers with another toll-free line to provide feedback on the website and overall customer service.

The government gives patent monopolies to provide an incentive for drug companies to carry through research. This is an incredibly backward and inefficient way to pay for research. It leaves us paying huge amounts of money for cheap drugs. It also often leads to bad medicine.

We would also end the phony moral dilemmas we create for ourselves with drug patents. Should Medicare pay $100,000 a year for a drug to treat a rare cancer in an otherwise healthy 80-year-old? This dilemma becomes a quick no-brainer when the drug is available for $200 a year in the free market with no patent protection.

Consumers also can save money on prescription drugs by becoming smart shoppers and knowing what to discuss with their doctor or pharmacist. Having discussions on whether a less expensive drug will work, comparing prices among U.S. pharmacies in the area or online, and finding out about assistance programs and how to qualify can help.

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