How To_ Set Up A Yoga Studio In Your Garden


According to statistics, yoga is Australia’s number one source of cardio strength and flexibility and over 2 million Australians participate in the practise annually. It is an incredible practise which benefits the whole body and mind, and the best thing about it is you can do it anywhere. You don’t even need a mat in some places, you can just start doing your vinyasas wherever you fancy.

But what if you do want a dedicated space for yoga? What if you want a special area to keep your straps, blocks and mats, to place candles and incense and to immerse yourself in nature whilst you do your favourite form of exercise?

Could now be the right time for you to create your very own dedicated garden yoga space?

Here are our top tips for creating a beautiful garden yoga space:

Garden Over Home For The Natural Benefits

Yoga is very spiritual and there are lots of links with nature and being at one with your surroundings. So it makes a lot of sense to place your dedicated yoga space in your garden, or somewhere on your land (if you have a lot of it) so that you can immerse yourself in your surroundings. It is also proven that spending time outside is beneficial for you: improving your memory, lowering your blood pressure and fighting depression to name just a few plus points. So placing your yoga space in your garden really could bring a lot of benefits compared to having it in the house.

Indoor Or Outdoor?

So now you know you are placing the space in your garden are you going to make it an indoor or outdoor space? If you live in a climate that is mostly sunny and fair, then you might be able to have an outdoor space with some protected storage. A dedicated space with some shading like a gazebo, flooring that is tiled or concrete, and hopefully, a lovely view, or perhaps a water feature or two. Alternatively if you do live somewhere that you know the weather is more turbulent or unpredictable then an indoor studio might be preferable. It also works well if you require privacy.

Where To Place Your Yoga Studio

Assuming that you are setting up a building for your yoga studio, where should you place it? If you want to link to the utilities in your home then placing it as close as possible to your home is important. However, if you’re happy with using diesel generators to supply your lighting and electricity, then you have the whole pick of your land. Anywhere with a nice view (where the door would face) could be great, or somewhere very quiet and protected from being near cars driving past is ideal.

To Build Or To Buy?

You could buy a ready made shed or similar building to use for your studio. Alternatively, if you feel like getting into a project you could build the space yourself. This Youtube series on building your own shed is a really good starting point to understand if you are able to create the shed yourself. If you can, you could save a lot of money but the project might take you longer. Do consider which is the most cost-effective and time-effective option for you so that you get the best possible result at the end.

Plan And Then Plan Again

As with any project, the more planning you do, the better. Ideally you should think about:

  • Your budget

  • Where the studio will be

  • Do you need planning permission?

  • Are you buying a ready-made studio or building it yourself?

  • How long will the whole project take to complete?

  • Who is the studio going to be for?

  • Are you connecting to your utilities or using generators and self contained units?

  • How will it look?

  • Do you need special flooring/ equipment for the studio?

The more planning you do, the better the result will be.

What Do You Want In There?

With a gym the focus is often on the equipment, but with a yoga studio it is more about the flooring, and then the decor. The flooring is ideally hard but with some spring to it, and it should be easy to clean. You should have a storage box or unit for your mats, straps and blocks, especially if you plan to teach in there. You may also want the ability to play music via speakers or at least a stereo system. A chair might be useful for chair yoga, and some sort of unit to place a camera if you record your sessions. You might also want to add ambience with candles, incense and maybe even some plants and ornaments. The environment also needs to be comfortable so air conditioning and heating might need to be considerations depending on the climate you live in. You should have ample ventilation at least. Lastly, the way the space looks should be reflective of what inspires you. Neutral tones and materials always work well in a yoga space, but as it is your space you should choose tones that resonate with you. This Youtube video on 10 ways to decorate a yoga space is a really good start for inspiration.

Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind, and soul. – Amit Ray

Two billion people across the world practise yoga, because it is incredible for the mind, body and soul. As one of those two billion people benefitting from the practise, it makes sense to have a dedicated space for yoga in your garden. Take your time planning, enjoy cultivating a beautiful space and most importantly, design somewhere that you know you will love using. Your mind, body and soul will be benefiting from this new addition to your property in no time.

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