Shape You Body Like You Want With the Help of Liposuction

Liposuction or lipoplasty is a popular type of cosmetic surgery. It helps in improving the appearance of your body by breaking up or removing excess fat from it. This body contouring process sucks out the unwanted fat from various possible parts of your body preferably form thighs, abdomen, breasts, back, neck, buttocks, chin, calves and arms.

How Liposuction is performed?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure, wherein fat is removed using a hollow instrument or cannula. The cannula is used for suction of fat by applying high pressure vacuum. This process of fat removal is also known as “liposculpture”. It helps you attain a slimmer shape with the help of liposuction. This surgery gives the best result when you are close to your ideal weight, but one must follow proper diet and exercise regime to maintain it. Liposuction can improve the shape of body, but there is no guarantee that it will tone your or muscles.


Who needs to undergo the process of liposuction?

Before performing this surgery every patient is diagnosed to determine whether they really need this treatment. Patients who undergo this surgery are generally healthy with stable body weight. If you are facing any of the below mentioned conditions, then it is an indication that liposuction is right for you:

  • If you are on a diet for a long time, but still have fat deposited in your body.
  • Sagging skin around stomach area due to pregnancy or surplus weight loss.
  • If the elasticity of your skin is good, then liposuction can be performed to get rid of excess body fat.

Ideally, such surgery is more effective more on people who have good skin elasticity with isolated areas of excess fat.

liposuction surgery

Why Consultation is required?

To avoid some risks associated with this surgery, you need to consult your physician and discuss your medical history. You doctor may want to know everything about your like any previous surgery, past and present medical conditions, current dosage of medication and allergies. They would also enquire if you are suffering from health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes or thyroid. Based on the info collected, they will review your case and determine the risks involved in it.

Initially, on your first appointment, your plastic surgeon will ask you to look in a mirror and point out the specific areas from where you want to remove the fat. He or she will take some pictures of those areas. This will help your doctor in comparing the actual results obtained after the surgery. Skin elasticity and amount of fatty tissues are also measured in the targeted area.

Liposuction Procedure

What are the main uses of liposuction?

  • It reduces the number of fat cells in the isolated areas on the basis of volume of fat present in your body.
  • It is used incase a person wants to get rid of stretch marks, dimpling and cellulite or other body surface irregularities.
  • It is also used to treat certain conditions like lymphedema, lipodystrophy syndrome, gynecomastia and extreme weight loss after obesity.

After the surgery, you will be taken in to recovery area where you will be continuously monitored. After a short period of observation you will be permitted to go home, however recovery time varies from one patient to another.

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