Some of the Things You Always Wanted to Know about the Brazilian Butt Lift

A lot of people are looking for ways to enhance the look of their derriere. One method to achieve that is the buttocks lift Dallas TX procedure. The Brazilian butt lift, as it is also known, is a truly innovative procedure that is revolutionizing the world of plastic surgery. Here are some of the things you may want to know about this procedure.

Your Own Body Fat Is Used in the Procedure

Body fat is first harvested from other parts of your body and it is then purified and used to fill out, shape, plump up and lift your buttocks. You would be surprise at how much fat is needed for this, however. This means that you will also go through some liposuction and that your entire body will be somewhat shapelier, as fat will be removed from those ‘hard to reach’ areas.

Some of the Fat Is Absorbed by the Body

One of the main reasons why surgeons will usually remove more fat from your body that is technically needed is because some of it will be reabsorbed by your body. In fact, it is not uncommon for as much as 50% to be reabsorbed. This is why surgeons tell you that the final results will not be visible for a few months after your surgery.

You Can Have Multiple Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures

In fact, many people do. If you start to put a bit of weight on in the rest of your body, or if you feel you want a derriere that is even perter than before, you can simply go back for further procedures. The majority of people do this quite soon after their initial procedure, because their body has reabsorbed so much of your fat.

Using Your Own Fat Is much Better than Implants

Traditionally, the butt lift was achieved by offering patients implants. Unfortunately, the risk of things going wrong with these is very big. The body can reject them, for starters, which can lead to a real medical emergency. Furthermore, it has happened that the skin of the buttocks was not strong enough to carry the implants, leading to them drooping. Additionally, as butt implants are made from silicone, there is always a risk of them breaking and leaking.

A Brazilian Butt Lift Is Strongly about Whole Body Shape

When the buttocks are reshaped using your own fat, it is important that this is done in such a way that it complements the overall frame of your body. For instance, the small of the back should always curve in towards the buttocks area. The butt itself should create a sensual sweep towards the hips. A good Brazilian butt lift really is a work of art.

Hopefully, this will have given you some more information about the butt lift, how it works and whether or not the surgery is for you. Do always request a consultation with an expert before deciding whether or not you should go ahead with it.

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