The Amazing Benefits of Wearing FitBit

A lot of people have become serious about their health. Suddenly everyone is concerned about the nutritional contents of their food, the calories they eat in a day, and the kind of workout to do for specific weight or body goal. People constantly update themselves with the latest diet fad and accessories, so this newfound obsession with being healthy is definitely here to stay. This is not exactly a bad thing; in fact, our lifestyle used to be binge-watching on Netflix and endlessly munching on chips. So this new fitness trend is definitely a welcome interruption.

Then FitBit comes along, and suddenly fitness became this friendly competition among family and friends. For those who do not know, FitBit is a wireless-enabled wearable technology that constantly tracks your activity for the whole day. There are people who say that the FitBit has helped them become healthier than before. But this fitness accessory offers more than just feeling healthier, it offers a lifestyle change that can benefit us in the long-term.

In this article, we list down the benefits of having a FitBit and its effects on your lifestyle.

Your heart rate will be monitored throughout the day

Various FitBit models can measure your heart rate during the day and save it as data so you can review them. This can be helpful if you would like to know what your resting heart rate is. You can also see when your heart rate reached the fat burning zone and think about the kind of workout that prompted this spike. Plus, you can use the data whenever you have a medical check up to make sure that your heart is kept healthy and strong.

Offer sleep pattern data

FitBit offers to save your sleep pattern data. This will tell you if you have reached the rapid eye movement phase of sleep or what is known as the deep sleep. It shows you how often you woke up, how restless you were, and how fidgety you were. It then calculated your average sleep time in the week; from this, you will know whether you are getting enough rest and if you need help calibrating your body clock.

Encourages you to reach 10,000 steps daily

If you are have only started working out, reaching the 10,000 steps is one of the best ways to get your fitness lifestyle started. But remember that you do not need to shock yourself when you do it, it is better to reach the recommended number of steps gradually. Start with a goal of a few thousand until you reach the minimum goal. FitBit encourages people to have a consistent activity by measuring how often you were active in a day. So walk around the office every few hours if you can, take an after lunch stroll, and work towards reaching 10,000.

Track Water and Food intake

What is more important than food and water, right? FitBit tracks your water intake and averages how much water you have had per week. You can also record the food you have had and shows you a chart of the calories you have ingested vs what was burned off based on your activity tracker.

Food and Water Tracking Capability

Fitbit allows you to track how much water you have had in a week the number of calories you have ingested. This will discipline you into being properly hydrated and to see the average amount of calories you have eaten and see what was burned off base on your activity tracker.

The great thing about FitBit is it does not pressure you into plunging in head first into being fit. It encourages you to take it slow, to be healthy at your own pace. But it also gives you rewards and badges for every milestone you reach, so you will definitely be motivated to continue the fit lifestyle. Go get yourself a FitBit now at Harvey Norman and reap the benefits of healthy living.

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