The HCG diet – How does it work and what does it do to your body?

For many years now, the HCG diet has been extremely popular. It is a strict diet which has claimed to help you lose weight, around 1-2 pounds in a day. The best part of the HCG diet plan is that you won’t feel hungry in the entire process. Although the FDA calls its harmful and illegal, yet it is gaining momentum and is becoming popular among the health-conscious people. What according to you is the science behind the HCG diet? Read on to know more on HCG diet and how it can help you lose weight.

HCG – What is it?

The full form of HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin and it is a hormone which is present in extremely high levels during pregnancy. In fact, if you’re a mom, you would know by now that this hormone is a marker in pregnancy tests which you perform at home. HCG is also utilized to treat diseases like fertility issues both among men and women. But in some cases, increased blood levels of HC may also mean different types of cancer, including testicular, ovarian and placental cancer.

If you’ve recently consulted an HCG diet doctor in Forth Worth, you would know that doctors recommend an extreme weight loss programme. Such diet plan consists of 2 components, ultra-low calorie diet of about 500 calories in a day and HCG hormone injections which can be taken at home. You can find such HCG products in different forms like pellets, oral drops and also sprays.

HCG – What does it do inside the body?

HCG is a hormone based on protein which is produced during pregnancy. HCG mainly informs a woman’s body is that she is pregnant. HCG maintains the production of vital hormones like estrogen and progesterone and these are essential for developing the fetus and embryo. Post the initial 3 months of pregnancy, HCG levels in blood decrease.

HCG and weight loss

The supporters of HCG diet usually claim that this hormone increases metabolism and allows you to lose enough fat amount, that too without making you feel hungry. There have been several studies which concluded that weight loss though HCG diet has all to do due to the low-calorie diet and has nothing to do with HCG hormone. Such studies compare the impacts of HCG along with placebo injections when they are administered on people who are already on a calorie-restricted diet.

How is the HCG diet prescribed?

The HCG diet is extremely low fat and low calorie diet and it is divided into 3 phases:

  • Loading phase: Begin taking HCG and eat enough of high fat and high calorie for continuous 2 days.
  • Weight loss phase: Continue with your HCG and eat just 500 calories in a day for 3-6 weeks.
  • Maintenance phase: Stop HCG now and boost your food intake. Avert starch and sugar for 3 weeks.

Therefore, if you’re a health-conscious person who is looking forward to lose weight, you can go for the HCG diet to reap the above mentioned benefits.

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