The Top Five Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to EMFs from Your Cell Phone

Cell phone use has skyrocketed in recent years – in fact, cell phones number in the millions around the world, and most everyone has a cell phone of their own. But the dangers posed by the use of cell phones are all too real. The risk of conditions such as cancer can actually be increased with the use of cell phones, especially in children. So what can you do to reduce your exposure to the electromagnetic fields created by your cell phone? Let’s find out.

  1. Limit your children’s use of cell phones. Whilst most children already know how to use a cell phone by the time they are four years of age, you should still limit their use of it. If possible, don’t let your child hold the cell phone right next to their ear. Have them use a headset or purchase a cell phone radiation protection shield which can protect them from EMFs.

  1. Keep your mobile phone as far away from you as possible. Even as an adult, you can also be at risk of developing certain conditions due to cell phone use. When using your mobile phone, put it on speaker mode or used a headset as well. Remember, EMF strength can significantly be reduced at a distance of three feet, but it can increase by four times at a distance of a mere two inches.

  2. Don’t keep your mobile phone next to your body. When you have to bring your mobile phone with you, don’t keep it in your pocket or next to your body. Carry your cell phone in a purse or in a backpack. Also, some people tend to keep their mobile phones next to them whilst sleeping, usually on the bedside table or even under their pillows. Do away with this habit. You should also place your mobile phone on ‘flight’ mode whenever possible, as this can stop the emission of electromagnetic fields.

  3. Keep your cell phone conversation brief. When you are using your cell phone, try not to have conversations which last for more than a few minutes. The effect of EMFs is directly related to the length of time you have been exposed to them. If you have to have a longer telephone conversation, use a wired telephone or landline instead. Cordless telephones have also been found to emit a high level of electromagnetic fields.

  4. When using your mobile phone right next to your ear, try to switch from one side to another as often as possible. This can at least balance the level of exposure you have. Additionally, when making a call on your cell phone, place the phone to your ear only when the other party has already picked up. This will go some way in lessening the length of your exposure to EMFs.

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