Top Ten Fitstagrammers Revealed

Fitness has long been a major industry on the popular photo-sharing app Instagram, and it seems bloggers who specialise in this area (known as fitstagrammers) can amass huge followings, and huge salaries to go with it.

Sports nutrition company Forza Supplements has released a list of the top 50 fitness bloggers (ranked by number of followers), and we’ve found some information on how much some of these bloggers earn from their Instagram empires.

Here’s the top ten fitstagrammers as compiled by Forza’s list:

  1. @somerray
  2. @michelle_lewin
  3. @jenselter
  4. @anllella_sagra
  5. @kayla_itsines
  6. @tammyhembrow
  7. @svetabily
  8. @iamyanetgarcia
  9. @juliagilas
  10. @katyalisehenry

Top of the list is Sommer Ray, the 21-year old US fitness star with 16.9 million followers. Ray makes an incredible £4 million per year, earning up to £20,000 per post promoting everything from protein shakes to Ray-Ban glasses.

Second placed Michelle Lewin earns a reported £3.5 million a year from her 12.6 million followers, although a large percentage of her income comes from personal appearances all over the world.

However, despite their huge followings, none of the fitstagrammers come close to the UK’s Joe Wicks, who is earning £12 million a year from his fitness empire (£33,000 per day), with much of that coming from his phenomenal book and DVD sales, as well as fitness plans through his website. Despite these incredible earnings, Joe only ranks 21st on the Forza list.

So it seems if you want to make an incredible salary, forget becoming a Hollywood actor or a musician, Instagram might just be the way to go.

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